to get anywhere in this world, you gotta get out there and be curious. you gotta ask questions and shake things up till you get answers. and i know you're curious, or you wouldn't be reading this.



what does that mean



you know that i love you boy, hot like méxico

have i ever mentioned how much i love these two i mean wow

I seriously can’t get over these two.


"we’re making you end this vacation early which puts you basically on the same level of a bunch of dead chickens"


I just got back from an ice cream run (yes, at midnight! I have no regrets) and felt like making an outfit inspired by Scoop from Alibi In Ashes. The result is an excessively cute, sweet, springy look that I can see Bess wearing while she eats twelve strawberry milkshakes. I particularly love the ice cream cone charm bracelet, spoon necklace, and earrings that I picked because they remind me of peaches.

i was so worried the first time i played this game that i was gonna get caught in a flash flood

how to play secret of shadow ranch


it’s so hot i should get these vegetables into shorty right away

picked those vegetables for me yet

you betcha

HaY there’s stuff that’s way overripe in here

ill just pitch it

go back out there and try again


[repeat until kicked off ranch]

Heads up seven up


I’m renaming Labyrinth of Lies LOL and nobody can stop me.