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Completely Fake Nancy Drew Nail Polish Sets - Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Scarlet, cinnabar, jade, gold: the Beech Hill Museum is awash with classically arresting nail colors for Nancy as she solves the Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

Very obviously inspired by charlotte-charles’ brilliant “completely fake comedy show nail polish collections.” 

locations + gifs 2/
ghost of thornton hall

favourite Nancy Drew locations in no particular order ● [17/?]

 Abby’s room (MHM)

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So in celebration of reaching 200 followers, I decided to create some concepts for a Nancy Drew game (cover/characters/puzzles). A while ago I asked you guys what kind of game you would like to see (history, science, or literature based) and the overwhelming consensus was literature based, so naturally, I went with my ol’ pal Will. Sorry about the “soundtrack” being on youtube but I didn’t have the patience for 8tracks. Also I’m calling it COD because that way it can be a dick joke. Click the pictures for captions!

Nancy Drew — The Cryptic Codex (coming 20—never) [soundtrack]

When a series of unexplained accidents drive away not only several of the actors, but the director of a small up and rising theater group, an old friend has no choice but to call and ask for help. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to gain the trust of the remaining cast and crew and find a saboteur before it’s too late. Will this be curtain call for a play that hasn’t even had it’s opening day? Or will the show go on?

  • Shakespeare Trivia — Learn interesting factoids about the Bard’s life and his plays
  • Play the Part — Learn lines and take part in a rehearsal.
  • Become Part of the Crew — Help out with the lights and organize costumes and props.
  • Secret Messages — Crack codes using lines from Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Erase Mistakes — Get a second chance without starting over.
  • Play at Your Own Pace — Chose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty settings.

Meet the Cast and Crew (in order from left to right)!

Jules Barnett— An old friend of Nancy’s and actor in the Lady Chamberlain’s Actors theater company. She called Nancy for help but she seems to dodge almost every question that Nancy asks. You can find her in the lobby of the theater. 

Michelle “Mickey” Yeung — The only stagehand who decided to stay. Because of this she’s been put in charge of almost everything and she’s starting to feel incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed. She can be found in the Props room.

Javier “JR” Ramirez — The lead actor in the Lady Chamberlain’s Actors theater company. He has dreams of being on a bigger stage someday. Could his ambition be driving him to commit acts of sabotage? He can be found backstage.

Gabe Rosenberg — The assistant director and grump of the company. Many of these accidents seem to have resulted in his favor, what with the actual director picking up and leaving Gabe in charge. You can find him at the nearby coffee shop avoiding responsibility

Phone Friends —Bess and George, Ned, The Director who Left, our favorite gal Hotchkiss, and Charleena Purcell.




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